Exeter Cathedral - The Cathedral has chosen our services through the years for a range of work including, masonry repairs and rendering, re-pointing, gutter clearance, general maintenance, Lightning  Conductor Testing and Maintenance 

Exeter Racecourse - dismantling and removal of redundant mast 

Exeter Guildhall - Roofing works and inspections

Kilmorie Luxury Apartments - Painting & Gutter Clearance

Shirley Towers - High level Dye brick works  

Midas Homes -  Lightning protection installation

Plymouth Cathedral - General Maintenance and rendering

Carrek - Various conservation works and masonry repairs

Poole Hospital - Chimney Repair and Maintenance  

Alphington Church - Gutter Clearance and Lightning Protection Works  

RD&E - We often work on the chimneys at the hospital, and this year we carried out  work changing the Christmas lights on the new women's health site in Exeter.

+ Many More

 We are happy to give references on our work and have a wide range of contacts that are happy to provide testimonials throughout Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and Beyond